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Current Projects T’ena


CURRENT PROJECTS T’ENA Seven Guetto is small community situated close to Awaro, about 7km from Ambo. Its name comes from the 7 families that compose the village (42 inhabitants) that we met on our first trip in 2010. Project T’ena was the first thing that we did upon arrival to Seven Guetto. We started a healthcare […]

Current Projects Ubuntu


CURRENT PROJECTS UBUNTU Project Ubuntu is born form one of the pillars in which “voluntarios por África” is based. This is the necessity of carrying out projects with the help of the communities we try to aid. VPA does not seek to carry out projects independently, but rather work with the communities and teach them […]

Current Projects Timihiriti


CURRENT PROJECTS TIMIHIRITI Education is one of the pillars of “Voluntarios Por África”. To access it, it is imperative for children to have school supplies, something completely impossible for families when we first arrived to their village. From the get go, we supplied children with enough material for them to access education. To this day, […]

Current Projects Gebisa Chituu


CURRENT PROJECTS GEBISA – CHITUU Project Gebisa (management of social vulnerability families) was born from the collaboration between VPA and The University of Ambo, as well as Project Ubuntu. The funded students by VPA are from the  community of Gebisa, formed by 150 extremely poor families situated 15km from Ambo. Their own community chose 8 […]

Current Projects Hirmee


CURRENT PROJECTS HIRMEE This shelter project that started in 2015 has become a true necessity for mothers and children, and is highly demanded by Ambo´s social services. This is true due to two main reasons: The number of homeless mothers with children on the street increases every day. International adoptions have been temporarily stopped, so orphanages […]

Current Proyects Hakiimii Biyya


CURRENT PROJECTS HAKIIMII BIYYA Project “A doctor for the village” was born from the vital necessity of a doctor in the villages we visit. The lack of medical attention a reality we witness every time we visit the country. As we knew Francis (an experienced doctor) was working with Ambo´s public hospital, we arranged to […]