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Soliday BBQ 2017


They, with their smiles, their gazes, their thank you gestures. They are the reason why this event in La Cala was the perfect scenery for solidarity.

You have proven once more that all our efforts are worthwhile. Every time we have called for help, you have answered, and you are the reason a small association like “Voluntarios Por África” can do big things with your support.

The purpose of this event was not just to raise funds (which is crucial to our labor in Africa), but also to show you what we see, to make you a part of our projects and our mission.

We can only thank our collaborators and sponsors, as weel as the numerous volunteers and donors who help us carry our mission to help those in need. Thank you to all the guests and also to “FILA 0” to which many have selflessly contributed even if they could not come to the event.


The day started with some rain showers, that did not deter our volunteers from starting with the organization of the 5th Miraflores Soliday BBQ.

In this ocasion, the fundraising would be shared with Galcerán de Sarriera, who even though has no association of his own yet, does wonders for the people of Ethiopia as an individual. He studies medicine in ST. Paul´s Hospital in Addis Abeba, and with his help, 10 single mothers will start a 6 month hairdressing course that will give them the opportunity to start working and earn a living in Ethiopia.

The assistants (mostly friends now) slowly trickled in while we shared a drink and the food started to come out from the BBQ. Thanks to our cook Juan José Bernat (who is a mastermind where BBQuing is concerned) we enjoyed a suculent meal surrounded by friends and good company.

All assistants had the opportunity to check out the soliday market, with Ethiopian goods and handcrafted products made by Carmen (voluntary for Mundo Justo), which was a huge success.

Before we could keep enjoying the evening, we had to do our customary lottery, with products such as a soccer ball signed by all Real Madrid´s players, a full crockery, a suitcase form Antonio Miró and many other things like a handbag donated by María Flores and some other small things.




3.650€ - (1.900€ - VPA)


8 of July 2017


La Huerta de Miraflores de la Sierra Madrid