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This shelter project that started in 2015 has become a true necessity for mothers and children, and is highly demanded by Ambo´s social services.

This is true due to two main reasons:

  • The number of homeless mothers with children on the street increases every day.
  • International adoptions have been temporarily stopped, so orphanages can not deal with the increase of orphans they are facing.


Ever since 2016, VPA has a shelter home for mother and children (regardless of their age or number). This program includes shelter from 6 months up to a year, as well as schooling for the kids and education for the mothers. The end goal is to give them the resources needed to start an independent life outside of VPA.

The shelter is currently full, with many families in need of this service, so VPA is trying to increase the number of people that can benefit from this project.


MARCH 2018

We found a Shelter Home functioning much more efficiently than the last time we were there. Thanks to our collaborator Abebah, the terrain is full of new crops, allowing some sense of self-sustainability for the families. Nervertheless, there were many fixes we had to do in the shelter:

  • Removal and replacement of plugs and switches
  • Installation of new lights in the porch and the kitchen
  • Replacement of some of the door locks
  • Leveling of the roof to prevent leaks in the rain season



Hirmee - Shelter for mothers and children


2015 - TODAY




2.000€ + 1.000 (2017)