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Finished Projects Algubb


FINISHED PROJECTS ALGUBB Ever since our arrival in 2010 one of the most terrifying aspects of their daily lives is the lack of potable clean water, and the subsequent use of contamined water from a close river. Not to enter in much detail, it is sufficient to say that water is indispensable for the correct […]

News October 2017

NEWS OCTOBER 2017 “Voluntarios por áfrica” starts procedures to become a public utility asociation “Voluntarios por África” starts the procedures to become a public utility asociation in eyes of the Spanish Ministry of Interior. This would mean, besides public recognition of the asociation´s work, some fiscal benefits for supporters and the ability to be called […]

News December 2017


NEWS DICIEMBER 2017 “VOLUNTARIOS POR ÁFRICA” WITH “MUNDO JUSTO” IN SOLIDARY TV Last november the hcannel “Solidaria TV” contacted us and our friend ONG “Mundo Justo” to pay them a visit and record a program in their space “Compromiso TV”. This way we could promote some of our solidary projects. You can watch the videos […]