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For many years, our stay in the village was cut short, having to leave before nightfall, which in some periods of the year is really early. The lack of electricity made impossible to return to the main road safely, something that was extended to the inhabitants of Seven Guetto on a daily basis.

We started bringing them flashlights, with the short batery life being the main concern. After that, we thought about manual dynamo lights, that helped them to move between houses at night when necessary.

Witnessing the benefits and security reliable light gave them, in 2015 we brought  some 8 led small lamps powered by solar panels, that provided electricity throughout the whole night.

After that, it was decided to install a permanent light system in the “Shelter House” (which is an enclosed roofed structure from Project Algubb that serves as a meeting point for the community). In 2016 a whole infraestructure was installed, consisting of two solar panels that power constantly and uninterruptedly 4 spots in and outside Shelter House. This provides safety and security to the village against darkness and wild animals that would otherwise be a menace during the dark hours.



MARCH 2018

Even though it is a finished projects, when we visited them in 2018 we found out that the energy accumulator had burned and we decided to replace it immediatly. In addition to that, we had to replace the whole electrical system of one of the houses, which we consider a mainteinance expenditure and gladly covered.




Mebirati - Luz a través de paneles solares.






1000€ + 300€ (March 2018)